Our Story

Like many recent e-commerce stories, this one, too, starts in the year 2020. The virus is everywhere, everyone's at home, planes are grounded, the world is shut down. A year goes by, and then another. It's now 2022. One evening at the dining table, Paul and Ellie reminisce about the days gone by. 

As they scroll through photos of places they have visited, Paul starts to browse around for images of famous landmarks. A piece of art shows up in the results, and then another. Curiously, Ellie inspects these only to find the prices prohibitive. Further search for affordable world art yields no results.

A few weeks go by, and stories about AI art start surfacing in the news. Being the techie that he is, Paul immediately jumps on the wagon and pulls Ellie with him. A way to make art affordable, it's here!

And that's how "Globetrotter Art" was born. Our mission? To bring the breathtaking beauty of iconic destinations right to your doorstep. We're talking about places like the Amalfi Coast in Positano, Italy, where the sun kisses the sea and the colors dance in perfect harmony.

But we're not just about pretty pictures. We take our art seriously. We use only the finest materials, like premium quality paper and top tier pigmented archival inks. Why? Because we want our prints to capture the essence of these stunning locations and last a lifetime.

So, whether you're a seasoned traveler or just someone who appreciates the beauty of the world, our prints are here to bring a touch of global charm and natural beauty into your home. They're like little windows to the world, reminding you of the places you've been or inspiring you to explore new horizons.

Welcome to Globetrotter Art, where we believe that every wall deserves a little wanderlust. Come on in, look around, and let your imagination take flight. Happy travels!

Our Mission

To offer a window into our beautiful world through art, priced for everyone.

About Us


S. Korea, Australia, Canada, Hawaii, California, anything with a coast on the Pacific, high chance Ellie has been there. Before coming to America and starting an art store, Ellie could be found exploring the eastern hemisphere.

More recently, as travel became difficult, Ellie aimed to satisfy her craving for travel by reading and watching documentaries about far-away places. And then, she met Paul...


As a young lad, with nothing but time, Paul explored most of Europe and some of Asia before settling down in America. Whether in Poland shoveling down some pierogi, in Canada buying Timbits in bulk or Japan washing sushi down with sake, Paul's travels took him across the world from East to West.

Paul's affinity for all things tech led him to AI, which combined with his love for travel, together with Ellie built an outlet to share their passion with the world.